Republicans are more likely to ‘preserve Democracy’ than Democrats: Fox News Poll

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A new Fox News poll shows that Americans believe Republicans are more likely to preserve Democracy than Democrats heading into the November midterm election cycle.
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Texas summer camp shooter stopped by quick thinking staff, fast police response

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A shooter at a Texas summer camp was prevented from harming hundreds of children due to locked doors, an interaction with a counselor, and a quick police response.
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Rep. Owens introduces resolution promoting fatherhood, ‘vital’ role it plays for children

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Republican Rep. Burgess Owens is introducing a resolution promoting fatherhood which he says leads to economic prosperity, especially in the black community.
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Suspects throw lit road flare into Washington GOP rep’s office

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Two suspects are on the loose after being spotted on video throwing a lit road flare into the office of a Republican state representative in Olympia, Washington.
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Rep. Massie says ‘good guys’ with guns stopping ‘bad guys’ is ‘inconvenient truth’ for Dems

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Rep. Massie accused Democrats of wanting to 'trample' the Second Amendment after Rep. Cicilline dismissed the notion of legal gun owners stopping gun crime in the U.S.
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Mexican authorities find 7 dead bodies along road in popular tourist area

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Mexican authorities say seven dead bodies were found alongside a road in a popular tourist area with writing scrawled on their bodies linking the deaths to cartel violence.
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