Exvadio Media produces podcasts on various subjects including news, politics, business, and personal growth.

Success Showcase

Build your business, career and life with coaches Eric Lopkin from The Modern Observer Group and Chip Janiszewski from Happiness and Success GPS. From mindset and focus to time management and goal setting, we’ll discuss topics to get you on the road to success and interview guests with inspiring stories and helpful tips. This weekly podcast includes tips on personal growth, ideas to help you build your business and discussions on books that can help move you forward.

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Carnivore Bites

The Carnivore Bites podcast is a quick discussion on news of the day in politics and the economy. Following the facts and looking into the events, veteran reporters talk about what is going on in the world. This podcast is produced for the Carnivore Radio program airing on WESU 88.1 FM.

Listen to the podcast below or on the Carnivore Radio website.

Simply Financial With Chris Calandra

Comprehensive, informative and cutting edge Podcast that discusses financial topics ranging from personal finance, economics, politics and personal growth.

Lighting The Candle

Lighting the candle: a world that works, is an inquiry into language and empowerment. Each week our panel will discuss different ways we can language the world that we want without complaint and truly as a dialogue in which the listener and speaker are building together. If we build it, they will comeā€¦

Marketing, Myths and Magic

For small to midsize business owners, marketing can feel like a constantly moving target. Marketing professional and agency owner Liza Sivek discusses how to avoid frustration and build a better brand by breaking down trends, defining terminology, and through discussions with industry guests. If you want to make your marketing less of a struggle and more of a benefit join us every week for the Marketing Myths and Magic podcast.

Raw Naked Truth

Eric Lopkin puts his 20+ years experience as a reporter to look into the truth of the issues in the news.

Simple Questions For 100 People

Simple Questions For 100 People Is An Experiment. This is a research project to gather data from 100 beautiful human beings for the sole purpose of seeing what actually happens across the interviews. The questions are fixed and all the interviews will remain consistent with the variable being the actual participants themselves. Although we are unsure of what we are going to discover, if anything, we hope to learn what makes people who they are and remain interested in their individual stories.

Pets, People, Life & Longevity

Jan Jeremias, her guests, and her dog Tonka discuss how the pet owner bond increases life and longevity and ways you can improve your life, your pet’s life and how the leash goes both ways.