Kemp, Jones vow to hold rogue Georgia prosecutors accountable for giving criminals a pass

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Burt Jones are vowing to hold rogue prosecutors accountable for giving accused criminals a pass by not charging misdemeanors for some crimes.
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Georgia lawmakers seek to punish prosecutors who refuse to charge people accused of misdemeanors

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Georgia has introduced two bills aimed at state prosecutors who refuse to charge entire categories of crimes, including low-level cannabis possession.
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Federal Election Commission raises political campaign contribution limits

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The Federal Election Commission has increased inflation indexed campaign contribution limits for the 2023-2024 elections to $3,300 per individual.
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Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear’s tornado relief fund ‘erroneously’ sent unknown amounts of money to wrong people

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A tornado relief fund started by Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear's administration "erroneously" sent out an unknown amount of money to people unaffected by the Dec. 2021 tornados.
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Stacey Abrams’ playbook to boost Democrat turnout is being countered by a new GOP plan from this growing group

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The rival group to Stacey Abrams' "Fair Fight" says it has the "playbook" to counter Democrat advances in swing states ahead of the 2024 elections.
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SIZE MATTERS: Biden challenges McCarthy: ‘Show me your budget and I’ll show you mine’

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President Biden challenged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over his position on the federal debt ceiling, saying, "Show me your budget and I'll show you mine."
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China urges Kevin McCarthy to avoid repeating Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan

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China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Mao Ning, urged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to avoid visiting Taiwan as his predecessor, Nancy Pelosi, did last year.
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‘Fed up’ former NASCAR driver revs up race for Virginia state senate seat

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Former NASCAR driver and sports reporter Hermie Sadler says he's "fed up" with the way the government has been run and is running for the Virginia State Senate.
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‘Border state problems’ in Kentucky: Candidates attack Dem gov for state’s response to fentanyl crisis

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As Kentucky's gubernatorial race heats up, the drug crisis plaguing the state has taken center stage in the campaigns of each of the candidates hoping to unseat Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear.
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Blackburn, Senate GOP roast Schiff for mounting Senate run after years of ‘lies’: ‘No business serving’

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Senate Republicans excoriated Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., following his announcement that he will run for U.S. Senate in California next year.
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