Voters fired Nancy Pelosi, so why are Republicans helping her pass another spending bill?

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Voters fired Nancy Pelosi, so why are Republicans helping her pass another spending bill and giving her a gift on her way out of her job as House speaker?
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Pelosi, Schumer agree to move railroad union bill ‘ASAP’ after White House meeting

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President Biden is set to meet with congressional leaders at the White House Tuesday morning to discuss legislative priorities for the final weeks of the year.
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Particle politics revisited

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Republicans nominated House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker of the House but it’s far from clear that he can attain the votes.
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Hakeem Jeffries, Pelosi’s likely replacement, supports commission to study slavery reparations

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New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the top candidate to replace Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic leader, supports studying the feasibility of slavery reparations.
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Brooklyn bridge: How two New York City Democrats could be top congressional leaders

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's step away from leadership cleared the way for a new generation of Democratic leaders, including Brooklyn Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries
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Selective reporting on ‘squirrel-talking’ Pelosi hammer attack suspect scorched: ‘Certain facts’ only

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The media is under fire for trying to paint Paul Pelosi attack suspect David DePape as a right-wing MAGA adherent rather than a crazed counterculture figure.
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Hakeem Jeffries confident he can unite Dems after Pelosi exit, says he has ‘great respect’ for AOC

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Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., is currently running unopposed to be the new leader of House Democrats, expressing optimism he could bring the party together as leader.
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China agrees to meet with US defense secretary for first time since Taiwan crisis

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will meet with his Chinese counterpart this week for the first time since China escalated military drills around Taiwan this summer.
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