Ron DeSantis is already a target of liberal media’s darlings

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The midterm elections saw Florida Gov. DeSantis score a decisive reelection victory. Now liberal media columnists are determined to take down Republican leader DeSantis ahead of 2024.
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DeSantis explains what GOP missed in ‘huge underperformance’ for election

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called the GOP's midterm election results a "huge underperformance" and shared some thoughts on his successful re-election bid in Florida.
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POLL: DeSantis remains GOP’s top 2024 pick over Trump, most Dem voters don’t think Biden should run again

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A Marquette Law School poll revealed that most voters do not want President Biden seeking re-election, while DeSantis was the choice candidate for the 2024 GOP nomination.
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Sen. Marco Rubio’s new book sparks 2024 rumors after DeSantis reveals details of autobiography

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Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida will reportedly release a book in June 2023, raising the question of whether the Republican senator will make a bid for the presidency in 2024.
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WATCH: Georgia voters split between DeSantis, Trump as top 2024 presidential choice

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Supporters of Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker are divided on whether Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump should be the Republican 2024 presidential nominee.
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DeSantis-backed school boards are already making huge changes in Florida

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DeSantis-endorsed school board members are already firing Florida superintendents just weeks after winning their elections. Some teachers unions in the state fear a reckoning.
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‘Blueprint’ for 2024? DeSantis pens book on going after ‘entrenched elites’ as presidential speculation swirls

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Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida will chronicle his life in public service and his conservative victories in a new book that will publish in late February
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Why some Democrats are rooting for Trump to be the 2024 GOP nominee over DeSantis

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Multiple Democrats have come out saying they hope Donald Trump is the GOP nominee in the 2024 presidential election after the former president lost the 2020 election.
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