WaPo editorial criticizes Democrats for ‘making excuses’, delaying ban on lawmakers trading stocks

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A Washington Post editorial published Thursday criticized House Speaker Pelosi and Democrats for delaying legislation that would ban stock trading by members of Congress.
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Orioles hired investment bank to assess potential sale of team: report

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The future ownership of the Baltimore Orioles is in limbo after the team hired Goldman Sachs to "assess the prospects for selling the team," according to a report.
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Bank of America CEO pushes back on criticisms of zero-down mortgages for minority communities

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Bank of America Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan joined 'Special Report' for a wide-ranging interview, where he spoke on the topic of zero-down mortgages.
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Former NYSE chairman reflects on market’s 9/11 reopening: ‘America always rises in the darkest of hours’

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Former NYSE Chairman Dick Grasso says market's triumphant reopening after 9/11 attacks served as a "symbol" America and its economy "would never succumb to terrorism."
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Parents wonder: Does Biden’s student debt handout include college loans taken out by moms and dads?

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After President Biden announced his student loan handout plan, parents across America wondered if loans taken out in their names would also be "forgiven." A bankruptcy attorney weighed in.
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Tom Cotton: Biden’s student loan handouts may be the dumbest thing yet out of this White House

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Sen. Tom Cotton told "America Reports" on Wednesday that President Biden’s debt cancellation move is a "shameless bribe" and will harm many more Americans than it will help.
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AOC misses deadline to file congressional financial disclosure

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's office acknowledged the representative has failed to meet the deadline for submitting her financial disclosures.
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