Chicago woman who allegedly hid dismembered landlord in freezer pleads not guilty

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Sandra Kolalou, 36, of Chicago, pleaded not guilty to murder and related charges. Kolalou is accused of killing and dismembering her 69-year-old landlord, Frances Walker.
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Nebraska police officer shoots, injures man who pointed gun at them

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Dannie Emrick, 53, of Gering, Nebraska, was injured after being shot by police during an armed confrontation. Police arrived at his home to investigate a self-harm threat.
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Germany welcomes President Joe Biden’s comments on tweaking trade law

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Joe Biden met with French President Macron on Thursday and signalled his willingness to tweak U.S. legislation regarding European trade, which was welcome news to Germany.
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‘Gimme More’! Britney Spears’ pop songs to go on Broadway again

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A Broadway musical called “Once Upon a One More Time” will feature Britney Spears’ songs again, including “Oops!… I Did It Again,” “Lucky,” “Stronger” and “Toxic.”
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Tennessee awards over $27 million in grants for community development

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More than $27 million in community development grants has been approved in Tennessee. The grants will help the community with health and safety initiatives and housing rehabilitation.
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Washington sheriff’s trial underway after flu delay

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The trial of a sheriff in Washington state has started after a delay from the flu. The officer is being charged with two misdemeanors stemming from a confrontation with a Black man.
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Michigan woman who starved, punished disabled son with ice baths deemed competent to stand trial for murder

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Shanda Vander Ark, 43, of Norton Shores, Michigan, was deemed competent to stand trial for open murder and first-degree child abuse for allegedly torturing and starving her son.
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