Florida mother found dead in street near SUV with her sleeping child inside ID’d, family says she was pregnant

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Alana Sims, 22, was identified by her family as the woman who was found dead in a residential street in Tampa, Florida, near an SUV where her toddler was sleeping inside.
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California legal battle over Charles Manson’s estate worth up to $1M includes DNA tests, signature comparisons

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Three people are fighting over cult leader Charles Manson's estate, including his pen pal, and two others who claim to be his biological son and grandson.
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CEO sues woman who sees him as ‘just a friend’ for $2.3 million

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K. Kawshigan sued Nora Tan for causing him "trauma, depression and impacts" and for causing damage to his "stellar reputation" after she filed for a protection order.
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Tyre Nichols: 4 of 5 ex-Memphis cops charged with murder faced prior suspensions, reprimands, records show

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Memphis police records show just one of the five since-fired cops charged with murder in Tyre Nichol's death did not have any prior disciplinary history during his tenure on the force.
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Dharmesh Patel: Son of California doctor who allegedly drove family off cliff had ‘no injuries’ after fall

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The 4-year-old son of Dharmesh Patel, a California doctor accused of driving his family off a cliff, had 'no injuries at all' after the crash, according to DA Steve Wagstaffe.
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Florida sheriff names abandoned newborn ‘Angel Grace’ after baby found alive in woods

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Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Saturday about what sounded like "a baby crying outside" in a wooded area in Mulberry, Florida.
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