CDC director spoke with several union leaders before tightening masking guidance, internal calendar reveals

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CDC director Rochelle Walensky spoke to numerous union leaders one day before tightening school masking guidance, her internal calendar reveals.
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Teachers unions silent after study dismantles claim in-person learning was ‘racist’ during COVID

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Teachers unions that called a return to in-person instruction 'racist' have been silent on a Harvard study that blamed remote learning for large achievement gaps, particularly for minority students.
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Amazon union organizer slams AOC for going ‘radio silent’ until their victory: We don’t need her support now

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The Democratic "Squad" member was called out by one of the union advocates for expressing solidary with the effort only when a victory was imminent.
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Southern Poverty Law Center employees protest return-to-work policy, claiming racial disparity

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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Union claimed that there is a racial disparity in the legal nonprofit's return-to-work policy and organized an employee protest Monday. The union aimed to "protest management's forcing mostly Black women employees to return to the office while allowing the option of remote work for white and higher-paid employees."
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