Catholic school students kicked out of Smithsonian museum in DC over pro-life beanies

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12 Catholic school students and their chaperones were removed from The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after refusing to remove their pro-life beanies.
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Georgia cop, 19, resigns after suspension for religious post on gay marriage: ‘Dangerous precedent’

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Former police officer Jacob Kersey said he was effectively forced to resign from the Port Wentworth Police Department after controversy erupted for a Facebook post about marriage.
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Biden’s FCC nominee sits on board of group that opposes anti-sex trafficking efforts

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Gigi Sohn, President Biden's nominee for the Federal Communications Commission, serves on the board of directors for a group that has opposed efforts to combat online sex trafficking.
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California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID ‘misinformation’ law: reports

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A California judge issued a preliminary injunction against the 'misinformation' law, as five doctors challenge the law and claim it violates First Amendment.
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Federal court sides against Ohio man fired for police shooting joke

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A federal appeals court ruled against former Cleveland, Ohio, EMS worker Jamie Marquardt, who was fired after posting jokes about Tamir Rice's 2014 police shooting on Facebook.
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Vimeo scrubs ‘Dead Name’ documentary profiling families upended by transgender ideology

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Vimeo removed "Dead Name," a documentary profiling families whose lives were upended when their children came out as transgender, citing its policy against "hateful content."
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Supreme Court asks Biden admin to weigh in on Florida, Texas social media laws

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In a Monday order, the Supreme Court invited the Biden administration to get involved in cases over Florida and Texas laws targeting censorship by social media platforms.
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Texas street preacher sues Fort Worth over noise ordinance that led to arrest outside LGBT Pride event

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A Texas street preacher filed a lawsuit against Fort Worth on Tuesday after he was arrested for allegedly violating a noise ordinance while preaching outside an LGBT Pride event.
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Greenwald warns Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee’s new bill will ‘criminalize speech:’ Prosecute those who disagree

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald spoke on his show about a bill that would possibly shred freedom of speech in America by prosecuting people for rhetoric that somehow inspires a hate crime.
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