Secession movements gain traction in US amid deepening political rifts: ‘A long-standing problem’

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Grassroots secession efforts have gained traction amid deepening cultural rifts in the country, some calling for leaving the Union outright, others looking to form brand new states.
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‘Blatantly unconstitutional’: Strict gun control law faces new NRA-backed legal challenge

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A federal judge will hear arguments in one of three lawsuits against Oregon's voter-approved gun control measure, which requires a permit to purchase any firearm.
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Seattle man sentenced after attempting to join ISIS: ‘No problem with killing’

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The U.S. Department of Justice sentenced 22-year-old Elvin Hunter Bgorn Williams, of Seattle, to four years in prison for attempting to join ISIS in 2021.
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Police officers by day step in as Portland high school football officials at night: ‘Really impactful’

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Law enforcement officers Jeana Fisher and Steve Anderson, both of the Portland, Oregon, area, joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss their involvement in refereeing local and state football games.
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Thieves steal ATM after crashing van into store, start fire trying to open machine: police

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Police in Portland, Oregon, said one suspect wanted in the ATM robbery at Fastrak Food Mart was wearing a distinct jacket which they hope can help identify them.
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OR lawmakers rescind security measure placed on state Sen. Boquist who made threatening statements

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A security measure that was placed on Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist who made threatening statements was rescinded by state lawmakers. Boquist said the measure violated the First Amendment.
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Snow, rain and ice expected in Western US before storm heads to Midwest

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The West will get hit with heavy snow, rain and ice this week before the storm heads to the Midwest, while other parts of the U.S. are facing a thunderstorm risk.
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Idaho investigators rule out connection between college murders and other unsolved stabbings

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Detectives looking into a quadruple homicide of a group of University of Idaho students have ruled out a connection between the attack and two other similar stabbings.
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