Russia-Ukraine war: Biden may meet with Zelenskyy in Poland later this month

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President Biden may end up meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during an upcoming trip to Poland that some have speculated could coincide with the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion.
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Shoppers fume as iconic mayo brand dropped from country’s shelves, ‘high inflationary import costs’ blamed

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Social media is ablaze after news that Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is being withdrawn from South African grocery shop shelves, according to some analysts, because of the war in Ukraine.
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Boris Johnson: The West must give Ukraine all they need ‘as fast as possible’

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Boris Johnson, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, joined 'Special Report' following a visit with congressional leaders and a trip to Ukraine.
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Americans are getting more skeptical of Biden’s massive aid packages for Ukraine: poll

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More and more Americans are opposing President Biden's massive aid packages for Ukraine, with a quarter of Americans saying the U.S. has given too much.
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Wagner chief says he’s turning Russian convict fighters destined for Ukraine into ‘cannibals’

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Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin championed the training of his recruits from Russia's penal system and said they will "make real cannibals" in the war in Ukraine.
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Russia not complying with nuclear arms treaty, State Department warns Congress

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Russia is not complying with the only existing nuclear arms treaty between Washington and Moscow, the State Department warned Congress in a report Tuesday.
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Russia-Ukraine war: Western nations sending tanks ‘prolongs the war, Croatia’s president says

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Croatian President Zoran Milanovic disapproves of Western countries sending Ukraine military tanks, explaining that it will extend the war with Russia.
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Biden says no to F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine, France considers sending war planes

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President Biden says "no" to sending Ukraine warplanes even as allied nations consider sending Kyiv fight jets ahead of a looming Russian offensive.
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Ukraine receiving 60 Bradley fighting vehicles after fleet departs South Carolina

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A fleet of more than 60 Bradley fighting vehicles departed South Carolina for Ukraine last week as part of the latest $2.5 billion package in military aid.
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