White House’s ‘miserable’ failure on classified docs fueling Hunter Biden speculation: Former Clinton pollster

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Mark Penn called for transparency from the Biden administration as FBI agents searched the president's Delaware beach house in the classified document probe.
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Biden needs ‘firewall’ between him and Hunter Biden’s legal defense, former White House ethics chief says

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Law professor Richard Painter told Fox News Digital that the White House needs to set up a "firewall" between President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden's legal woes.
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Fox News thumps CNN, MSNBC viewership to kick off 2023 as ‘The Five’ continues to make history

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Fox News Channel crushed CNN and MSNBC among total viewers for the 23rd straight month as “The Five” continues to make history by finishing as the No. 1 cable news program.
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Green groups ramp up pressure on Biden as Alaska oil drilling decision approaches

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The Biden administration has 30 days to decide whether to approve an oil drilling project in Alaska opposed by environmental groups.
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Border Patrol official rails on Schiff’s ‘disgusting’ attack on Republicans at House hearing: ‘Total lies’

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Brandon Judd sounded off after Rep. Adam Schiff accused Republicans of 'demonizing' migrants during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Biden's border agenda.
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Texas dog owner offers $1K reward for stolen French bulldog: ‘Someone has to know’

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Steve Liollilo, a resident of Houston Heights, Texas, is searching for his French bulldog Bennie, who was taken by a stranger who posed as the rightful owner. A reward is being offered.
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Missing hiker shared video from Utah mountain before disappearance, authorities locate his truck

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Search and rescuers in Garfield County, Utah, are searching for a hiker who is believed to have gone missing near Mount Dutton last week, according to authorities.
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Police bust meth-peddling pastor who ‘bragged’ about his drug dealing prowess: ‘Double life’

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A pastor living outside of Seattle admitted to living a "double life" where he split his time between counseling sex offenders and operating a prolific drug business.
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NC Republican lawmakers again propose bill to limit LGBTQ lessons in school

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Senate Republicans introduced “Parents’ Bill of Rights” which would limit sexuality and gender identity lessons taught in North Carolina schools.
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