Olympian Mikaela Shiffrin on Ukraine war: ‘Completely outrageous’

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Mikaela Shiffrin, a two-time Olympic gold medalist skier for Team USA, wrote a heartfelt message about the war in Ukraine and posted photos of herself and her family of their time in the country when she was younger.
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Odalis Perez, former All-Star MLB pitcher, dead at 44

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Odalis Perez, a former MLB pitcher who spent 11 seasons in the big leagues, died after an accident at his home in the Dominican Republic, his attorney said Thursday. He was 44.
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Victoria Spartz, Ukraine native, describes ‘heartbreaking’ trip to see Russia’s ‘ruthless’ war

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The government plane was already full for the bipartisan congressional delegation trip to the Ukraine border, but Rep. Victoria Spartz, R-Ind., was determined to see the crisis herself, so she booked a commercial flight to meet up with her colleagues in Poland last weekend.
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Zelenskyy former aide says lack of no-fly zone signals US, NATO are ‘afraid’ of Putin

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Iuliia Mendel, the former spokesperson for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said the United States’ and NATO’s firm stance against a no-fly zone over Ukraine signals that the West is "afraid" of attacks from Russian President Vladimir Putin and creates a "decay of global confidence in American leadership and superpowers."
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Putin wants Ukraine and if we do nothing to stop him our world will never be the same

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Brave Ukrainians are likely to continue to resist Putin’s assaults and therefore, because of Russia’s significant military power and past experience, we should expect the Kremlin’s tyrant to go "full Aleppo" on them, no holds barred, no mercy.
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The American Rescue Plan People Difference

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ARP powered historic jobs recovery – with the largest calendar increase in jobs on record, unemployment down to 3.8%, and record drops in Hispanic Unemployment and Youth Unemployment – and ensured less scarring than any recovery in memory.Lowering Health Care Costs and Increasing Health Coverage 14.5 million Americans – the most ever – signed up for ACA marketplace plans due to, on average, 50% lower costs in premiums for returning consumers.Nationwide, existing consumers with a new or updated plan selection after ARP saved an average of $67 (or 50%) per consumer per month on premiums, totaling $537 million per month in savings. In twenty states and the District of Columbia, existing consumers saved over $75 per month, on average, due to the ARP.5.8 million more Americans have health insurance today…
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