Biden admin considering revival of Trump-era policy to place limits on asylum seekers: report

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The Biden administration, according to multiple reports, is considering the revival of a Trump-era policy that places limits on which immigrants may claim asylum in America.
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Colombia calls for deportation protection for nationals living illegally in US

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Colombia is seeking Deferred Enforced Departure for Colombian nationals living in the U.S., a move that would protect eligible nationals from deportation.
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Immigrant rights groups sue DeSantis, Florida officials over state’s migrant relocation program

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Immigrant rights groups are suing Florida officials over the state's migrant relocation program. Florida's governor set up flights to Martha's Vineyard for 49 illegal migrants.
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Texas widow of deceased border agent who contracted COVID in line of duty speaks out on benefits ‘injustice’

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Border Patrol agent Freddie Vasquez died last May from COVID-19, which he contracted in the line of duty. Now, benefits set side for his family are set to expire in 2030.
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ICE features ACLU, activist groups at event on expanding ‘Alternatives to Detention’ program

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ICE hosted a symposium Thursday on its Alternatives to Detention program, which has expanded since the Biden administration took office and faced a migrant crisis.
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Over 73,000 ‘gotaways’ at southern border in November, highest ever recorded

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There were more than 73,000 illegal immigrants that managed to evade Border Patrol agents in November, believed to the highest number ever recorded at the southern border.
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Immigration hawks press GOP leaders to ‘take all actions necessary’ to block lame-duck amnesty push

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A coalition of immigration groups and former Trump officials are urging congressional leaders to take action to block an amnesty push in the lame-duck session of Congress.
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Air marshals facing mandatory border deployment plan ‘mutiny’ on Biden admin leaving flights unguarded: report

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Dozens of US air marshals are reportedly planning to refuse the Biden administration mandatory order to deploy to the border to fill gaps left by a shortage of Border Patrol agents.
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