Florida AG, Gov. DeSantis target migrant flights, border smugglers: ‘Enough is enough’

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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody discusses Governor Ron Desantis' strike force focused on combatting illegal immigration, drug smuggling and trafficking.
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ICE nabs 119 illegal immigrants, most with prior convictions, who had re-entered after being deported

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced that it conducted a national operation focusing on removing illegal immigrants who had been deported but then re-entered the U.S.
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Coast Guard sends back 36 Cuban nationals intercepted near Florida Keys

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The Coast Guard repatriated a group of three dozen Cuban migrants back to their country Tuesday. The operation came amid a rise in Cuban interdictions this year.
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Border Patrol union reps say morale ‘in the toilet’ amid Biden admin policies, migrant surge

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Officers with Customs and Border Protection are experiencing historically low levels of morale under President Biden due to the migrant surge, union officials say.
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Coast Guard sends 45 migrants back to Cuba after boats spotted near Florida Keys

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45 Cuban migrants were sent back to Cuba by the U.S. Coast Guard after four boats were spotted by onlookers and intercepted near the Florida Keys in recent days.
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CBP chief says report on Border Patrol agents accused of ‘whipping’ migrants to come out in coming weeks

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The head of CBP says a report on the probe into the conduct of Border Patrol agents accused of whipping Haitian migrants will come out in the next several weeks.
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At the southern border: Dozens of migrants detained as Border Patrol contends with the nightly influx

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Fox News Digital witnessed dozens of migrants being taken into custody Thursday night on the southern border as law enforcement grapples with record border crossings.
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Arizona attorney general sounds alarm on border apprehensions of people on terror watchlist

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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich raises awareness on border patrol sharing stories of encountering migrants who are registered on the U.S. terror watch list.
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