Hawaii cop forced to self-administer dose of Narcan after potential fentanyl exposure

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A police officer responding to an overdose call in Hawaii was forced to self-administer a dose of Narcan after potentially being exposed to fentanyl during the call.
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Hawaii fines US Navy $8.8 million for repeatedly releasing sewage into state waters

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Hawaii has fined the U.S. Navy $8.8 million for repeatedly discharging pollutants into its state waters. A state department recorded that the Navy released sewage 766 times.
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Hawaii fisherman catches huge octopus, breaks his own brother’s record: report

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Fisherman Michael Matsunaga reportedly caught a 25.29 pound octopus while he was fishing on Aug. 31. His catch breaks the state record which Matsunaga’s brother previously held.
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Former Nevada attorney general fighting extradition in 1972 Hawaii killing

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Tudor Chirila, a former Nevada attorney general, argued against extradition in a 1972 cold case during his arraignment Wednesday, claiming his arrest was unconstitutional.
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Ex-Nevada deputy AG gets no bail in Hawaii killing case

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A former NV deputy attorney general gets no bail and will remain jailed until his next arraignment. The 77-year-old is accused of killing a teen girl in Hawaii and fleeing the state.
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Hawaii business owner, Maui County official charged with bribery and public corruption

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A Hawaii business owner and a Maui County official were charged with bribery Thursday. A U.S. attorney said this is among the largest bribery cases ever investigated in the state.
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Ex-Nevada deputy attorney general arrested in teen’s 1972 murder in Hawaii

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A longtime lawyer who once ran for the Nevada Supreme Court was arrested Wednesday for the 1972 stabbing death of 19-year-old Nancy Anderson in Hawaii, authorities said.
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Native Hawaiians gain more authority over Mauna Kea’s controversial telescopes

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Hawaii governor appointed native activists to manage sacred summit Mauna Kea, where some of the world’s most advanced astronomical observatories are located.
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