South Korea rules stolen Korean Buddhist statue must return to Japanese temple where it was stolen

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A South Korean Buddhist statue must return to Japan, according to the state court. However, a Korean temple claiming ownership of the 14th-century artifact may appeal the ruling.
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Leaders of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia agree to joint military campaign against al-Shabab in Somalia

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Regional officials around Somalia agreed to a joint military campaign against the al-Shabab militant group. The countries involved include Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.
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Top US official pressures WHO to address claims that one of its doctors sexually assaulted women

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A top American health official is pressuring the World Health Organization to address allegations that one of its doctors sexually assaulted a woman at a Berlin conference.
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Latvia threatens to boycott Paris Olympics if Russians are allowed to compete

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The Latvian Olympic Committee has threatened to boycott the Paris Olympics if Russians are allowed to compete. This is in response to Russia's war with Ukraine.
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