Top Gun Ukrainian pilots push US for jets, senator says lawmakers will ‘press the case’ with White House

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Two Ukrainian fighter pilots traveled to Washington to urge lawmakers to help them obtain more advanced air defense systems and modern warplanes as the fight against Russia continues.
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UN agency teachers urge terrorism and murder of Jews, report claims

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UN Watch, a Swiss based NGO issued a report, Thursday, that uncovered a shocking picture of how some teachers who work for UNRWA put out explicit and violent messages on social media aimed against Israel and Jews.
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As Kim Jong Un prepares for nuclear test, Biden approach to North Korea is failing, experts warn

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President Biden's policy on North Korea has yet to change the behavior of Kim Jong Un. Analysts argue that a more decisive approach is needed to tame the North Korea's dictators nuclear appetite.
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Ukraine receives long-range rocket system; Russian official threatens strike on US embassy in Kyiv

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High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems arrived in Ukraine this week, prompting the Ukrainian Defense Minister to thank the U.S. 'for these powerful tools.'
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What to know: Jesuit priests killed in Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico

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Two Jesuit priests were killed in northern Mexico this week. The shooter was following a tourist guide when he entered the church and killed the two priests and the guide.
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